In the End it does really matter

Yesterday Chester Bennington suicided in his house in L.A County. A front-man singer for Linkin Park. The band who I started following since I was kid. The band famous for Nu metal and Rap with Rock fusion will never be the same again. In fact it might just signal the end of the band as we know it.

He was one hell of a singer and his suicide sent shock-waves throughout the industry with everyone sending their sadness at his passing. Just before he decided to take his life the band released the video of “Talking To Myself” from their new album “One More Light”.

His singing was what attracted me towards Linkin Park and their songs always had a sense of meaning starting from the 1st album Hybrid Theory till the latest One More Light. Tracks like Numb, Points Of Authority, Breaking The Habit, In The End still get played by many followers and fans around the world even today because that kind of music was just something else.

It only goes to show that money and fame mean nothing when you are psychologically conflicted and depression and personal issues eat you up. For what could have been a few more albums and few more gems from Chester himself, now its all gone in a flash because he wasn’t at peace mentally. The fans are all “Numb” from this news and “In The End” this particular news matters way to much to the millennials who grew up on Linkin Park music.

From 1999 to today they released 7 main albums and 2 Remix Albums and I listened to songs from each and everyone of them. I had a small wish that one day I would get to see them live on stage with Chester belting out the vocals and Shinoda rapping it out. They did visit the UAE twice when i was in school and i missed them on both occasions. Alas I don’t think it will ever happen now because they may not tour anymore and possibly even disband and close the band for good.




The One Who Always Remained

Generally i pick everyday topics to opine on. Those topics lay out some background to what every young adult faces at some point in his life. But today is different. Today I speak about the one person who has stuck by me since we first met. Being the 9th of May it is his birthday and no better day than to post something about him and for him.

So here goes, rewinding back to 2009 when I joined the Foundation program of Manipal University Dubai in order to take up engineering little did i know that the person named Ritesh would eventually today be one of my closest friends and we would make a truck load of memories. Its been 8 years since i know him and while many people have come and gone, hes one of the few that stayed behind.

Hes been the kind of friend that people wish to have. When you need him hes always there to help. Whether it be studies or life he has and will always try to be there for me. I have taken a lot of advice on how to deal with various aspects and today I am a better person mostly thanks to him. After my parents he was the company that I have always had and hes the one I could always count on.

Me and him are not so different really. Although we hail from different parts of India that does not bring about any differences in us. We share the same hobbies that is Movies, Football, Cricket, Gaming. We support the same countries in Cricket (India) and Football(Germany) but in English Premier League we support the rival clubs (Chelsea and Man United).

Today i share a dedication post to him because hes been a gem of friend and I couldn’t thank him enough for being there when I most needed someone to give me a direction in life. Our hobbies bring us together and our rival supporting clubs bring out the best in banter and jokes on each other. We always set out to make the most of our lives, friendship and always create some memorable moments everytime we meet.

So here’s my toast to you Ritesh Menon. Friend. Family.

Happy 28th B’day Brother.

“We Ride Together. We Die Together”.

Goodbye 2016 & Hello 2017

Its the month of Feb and its the year 2017. The last time i wrote a post on this blog was, as my site tells me on Mar 11 2016. From then a lot of things have changed personally and around me.

Where to begin from ?. Lets start with the fact that people all over the world were completely overjoyed at the turn of the year. 2016 was being called a horrible year on almost every social media channel and people were optimistically looking for 2017 to bring in a breath of fresh air into their lives.

Last time i wrote a post Barack Obama was still the US President. Now we have Donald Trump who is running one of the most powerful democracies in the world. The election was one of the most followed and initial feeling was Clinton might win. But Trump came out top and now is in charge USA with his erratic and business minded thinking.

Apart from that 2016 took away a lot of famous personalities away from the world and people all over are hoping 2017 does follow suit but that’s anyways not in anyone’s hands.

Coming to me personally. 2016 was a topsy turvy year of emotions, achievements, career wise etc. Started off with the uncertainty that i will return to my “home away from home” that is Dubai, UAE to continue residing and progressing in my life. That uncertainty changed with admission to Herriot Watt University Dubai Campus in the MSc Strategic Project Management course in a 2 year part-time capacity.

As the year went by it was college routine as usual while the job hunt was still going on. As August rolled around, i got a lucky break on the job front and after interviews and meetings by October i was officially a full-time employed student with a semi-government company that deals with car registrations.

By the end of the year i had completed 2 months of work and my 1st year of MSc and the results were positive on both front. For New Years eve i spent a relaxing evening in a park with family and then watched the Burj Khalifa fireworks while being stuck in the middle of a highway.

2017 rolled in and the first thing that changed was that i sold my 2011 Toyota Yaris which was turning 6 this year and then replaced it with a 2017 Renault Symbol which i took delivery of on my birthday. Close friends were sad to see the Yaris go as there were so many memories linked to it since i got it back in 2010. The new car feels great and being Renault its quite a different feel to drive this compared to my Yaris.

Going into February the Work-Study routine has considerably picked up and focusing on both 100% is becoming slightly challenging but its what i signed up for and i intend to give my 100% to both without 1 affecting the other in a negative way.

So 2017 looks good so far and hoping that it becomes better as the months go on. Time as usual is flying and its already February. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017 everyone. Happy New Year.


Walk down memory lane

So this is my 1st post in over 6 months. I have started a Masters course that will take about 2 years to finish and still looking actively for a job. According to the stat page of my blog this is going to be my 100th post so that’s a milestone as well.

Nothing better to mention in my 100th post than the memories of my young days. I came to Dubai with my parents when i was just 3 years old back in 1995. Today about 21 years later i have spent pretty much my entire life in this city.

Today i stay in an area called Karama which has been my home for the past 17 years (1999-present) and while being out with my best friend last night i happened to show him the 2 most important buildings to me in the city of Dubai which will always bring back the fun memories of my young days.

The place called Satwa will always be stationed deep in my heart and i will forever remember my experiences staying there. Stayed for no longer than 4 years(1995-1999) due to a lot of minor issues with people and their behaviour and the community as a whole while also my growth resulted in the need of a bigger house eventually.

But regardless of those minor issues and regardless of how the people and community was in general, i still love that place till today and i still had fun memories to remember from there. Not too far away from my current house, probably just a quick 10 min drive that area was my 1st experience of this city called Dubai which is considered paradise by many around the world for many reasons. Staying in this city for 21 years i have seen its growth from a quiet and simple city to a metropolis its become today.

Yesterday after watching 13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and later filling our stomachs with a good dinner in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant we passed Satwa on our way back home. Seeing that today was anyways a weekend i decided to show my friend the 2 locations that still hold importance which were: The house that i stayed in and also the small villa where my 1st school used to reside.

Looking at those 2 particular buildings reminded me of how i used to wait for the bus and also reminded me of the hyperactive person that i was back then. Showing it to my friend and telling him more about the area and the 2 buildings in general brought back a lot of joy. My school was and still is called “Apple International School”. Today it has a building campus in another part of Dubai but there is a nursery called The Apple Nursery which takes up the villa where my old school used to be.

I was in that school from KG till 5th grade when i was forced to look for a new school due to that school having limited space enough to only operate classes until 5th Grade. Today the same school has the full 12 or 13 years schooling years quota in its newer bigger campus.

After going back to those 2 buildings last night i cannot put in long form as to how many of my memories are attached to those. There are some that i remember and those that i may have even forgotten over time. The distance between my house and school back there was a mere 5-10 minutes. I met a whole lot of people in that area and in that school and today i can only assume all of those people are doing well with their lives. Some names and faces i remember and some i don’t. Time changes a lot of things but the few things it dint change so far is that both those buildings still exist exactly where they were when i left and the vibe that comes whenever looking at them will always remind me of what things were back then and how things have massively changed in the following 17 years.


Finally a Graduate


That meme is the best possible reaction to the marks that i saw today for the exams i gave in June. 6 years of struggle to get this 1 piece of paper that is the Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science Degree.

I will take this time to thank my parents and friends for constantly supporting me through this whole phase. Next question is what to do after. Either Job or another 2 years for Masters. I would gladly decline Masters and try for work experience because im quite fed up of studying. 6 years was enough and i definitely can use a working experience as a break before i think of another round of college.

Feels good to finally get done with college for now. So the next few days to relax in peace and then back to acting on my next step in my life.

The neverending Job-Exp conundrum

Its always the fear of a graduate be it bachelors or masters. Getting a job in this 7 billion population planet is getting tougher by the day. Competition for places is increasing and most manual labor is being replaced by machines. We always believe machines are better at productivity than man and that is pretty much true in most cases.

Thus comes the main point which is the title of this post. Its a cycle that never has an end. A sort of an infinite loop in scientific terminology. For getting a job you now need some experience in your kitty but to get that you need a job. It confounds the best of graduates as to how will they get job and experience when both need each other and when you are fresh out of college experience is the at the minimum.

Staying in the Middle East one thing is quite certain, If you are a fresh graduate and you have not had at least 2 years of experience in working for any company, your chances of getting a permanent job are close to nil. One way to get a starting job is try the roulette wheel of Linked in or other recruitment agencies. Other ways include either ‘vaasta’ ( meaning internal contacts to fast-track the hire) or to hope your college has tie-ups to get you started.

I am not even going to talk about the conditions in India because it is at least 100 times more difficult because of stiffer competition and not to mention marks play a major role there. But yes you do have a better chance there to get a job if you academics meet the criterion of the hiring companies there.

The only other way out to get experience is to hope to land a part time/freelance job which may not pay or give visa or any things of that sort but can be added to your CV. But those also are not really a luxury. So i will say to current and future graduates , start searching jobs early, go for as many certifications as possible and always keep yourself ahead of the job hire game. Getting a job is becoming a rare luxury with the advancements in technology so get in before its too late and prove yourself to be the best to secure your future.

Power of Emotion

Its going to be almost 4 months since i last wrote a blog post. Looks like im running out of things to talk about *giggles*. But regardless this post is probably one of the more important ones to me as I have been learning regarding this particular topic quite a bit in the last year.

Emotions nowadays play a huge role in how we present ourselves profession and how we carry ourselves in every aspect of our life. Whether it be connecting with family members, or be a professional meeting, emotions always need to be in a controlled state. A lot of people have had their good run of things in life ruined by lack of control over their emotions.

Frustration and anger are the 2 most negatively powerful emotions and I am as guilty as the next guy in being incapable of sometimes handling them. I have been told not to let my emotions get the best of me ad also been told not to let these emotions bottle up. But what i have learned in these years whether right or wrong is that if we can handle our emotions well then we are truly on the way to bigger and better things.

I have also learned that sometimes for the sake of preserving something good and keep it in that state its better to not throw off a negative vibe emotional response because if its not physically torturing you to keep the good thing going then under influence of emotion there is no reason to potentially destroy the present state and any future state of that connection by letting negativity creep in no matter how truthful it might be.

Sometimes there is a fine line where we have to decide whether to be truthful and blunt or to just dust it under the rug because its not a big enough deal to be debated or argued at length about. With that also comes the matter of trust and no matter what 1 of the 2 we decide there should always be a strong mutual trust to understand as to why he chose 1 over the other.

So these emotions are very powerful forces that can make or break connections in a matter of seconds and those who can control them well are definitely in a better position to deal with much more dire matters that might come their way for the rest of their life. Let these emotions not decide the fate of your relationships, associations, decisions etc. Make yourself the person in charge with a calm collected frame of thought and then get on with your work.