Journey of a living soul

From birth to death, the journey of a living soul is always a constant toughness test. Sure we all believe that being kids were easy or fun or whatever. But at that point of time whatever we experienced and whatever we learnt was always like a life lesson to be remembered till we die. Starting with the group kids ( somewhere about till age of 10) we learn different things for the first time. In academics,sports,recreation etc. first step is always the hardest in whatever is done or tried. coming to the teenage again there’s always something new to learn everyday and as teens we are supposed to be more matured,street smart. people around us believe that we know all the consequences of actions and what our parents taught us we start putting into practice and start growing wiser. As we come to the college age academically everything increases in toughness,sports wise more fitness and strength is required more endurance is required etc. As we hit the adult stage after coll where we get jobs again finding a job in this huge world though looks easy but its mentally tough. It tests your character, it tests your compromise level. and that’s what life is at this stage. Then comes the family and old age where people are dependent on us and on everything we do affects them in every way possible. Again this is also a test of your mental strength that you are the foundation of the older and younger who are close to you. And as you reach the final stage it becomes a time to remember( if possible) what all you did and if anywhere where you went wrong and what you could have done to improve your life. Again you learn through memory of past. So from birth to death you always learn and that’s the journey of a living soul .


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