The Dream

What is a dream really. It is basically the thoughts that run in our head subconsciously of things we have seen/heard or of things we want to see or hear in the future. Also a dream is start process to ambition. It is what starts our drive to achieve what we really like in this world. Things like job,future of the family name, relations and even the pettiest things reside in our mind as dreams. When a child says that he dreams to be a pilot or engineer he may not know the hardships to achieve it but it is something that he thinks he can achieve happiness and success in. Dreams may come true or may not, that is for time to tell but as always if u work for it u can make dreams come true. But sometimes they aren’t just meant to come true, sometimes certain factors stop you from hitting the bulls-eye. Then they were just a dream and nothing else. The moment has passed you by and it replays on your mind as if to say you lost. To underestimate such a subconscious activity is foolish because dreams although soft,harmless at times are very powerful on the activity of a person. The simple failure to attain what we dream can cause regret and depression. After all its something we thought we might achieve and something that would have brought us happiness. They say never stop dreaming, i agree because a dream can do wonders. 


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