What to Choose

Choice is a very frequent activity we all are involved it. It usually is a set of options that have been laid in front of us but we have to decide 1 and in doing that also consider all the pros and cons of the decision. By making this choice we move on until we encounter another “fork in the road” so to speak. Each choice will determine something in the future. It may be bad or a fruitful venture. But making a choice does not necessarily mean all is lost, as the saying goes where 1 door closes god opens another. Consider a game where each choice leads to a different twist in the story. Same applies to life, each choice u make will possibly create a new twist in the story called Life. So choose wisely and consider all the future moves before deciding on what is to be chosen cause a bad choice may lead to a future of regret.


One thought on “What to Choose

  1. niiiice..very creative,thnks for posting it…like it!!!..

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