Vacations in Dubai

For my whole educational life now i have been having these vacations, every year for 2-3 months when in school and now in college also. But as time has rolled on i have begin to wonder are vacations really needed i.e if your not going out of town. Many people will disagree and the younger me would have too but as i have grown older and this college life become a norm, vacation has been quite a let down usually. First u need to leave a city like Dubai especially if you have lived your life here, because for a person who has seen it all almost this place has become quite a bore. Also no point of staying back because your friends have left and thus goes away your company to hangout. Also the weather of this place in summers is getting pretty unbearable so staying back in Dubai is like torture. Bear in mind again that i am talking about staying in Dubai for vacations but not removal of vacations as a whole. Back to the topic though. Last couple of vacations i have left the country but been back way before the next academic year began, and in that time it was such a bore frankly because the activity totally halves or even lesser than it. People always come after the heat wave has subsided and come towards the very end of their vacations which is a very wise thing. But to be in Dubai for the heat filled 2-3 months is just pure madness. Peak summers can be a total letdown in the vacations because of the high temperatures. So its best that once the vacations start that is your escape route to the cooler places on the globe where in a windy pleasant even cold weather you would not mind to stay. So people best escape this heat-waved desert in the peak summers of July August and enjoy the monsoons on India or he cooler weathers of parts of Europe because simple common sense tells me that sunburns aren’t everyone’s first choice of enjoyment. 


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