Being Yourself

Its said so easily that eventually it becomes an oxymoron when used by some people. Its funny because the same people who later will tell u be yourself will first look to lecture you on things that you should change to bring about a fresher look to your persona and visual look with dressing sense etc. I for one have been told this countless number of times by many people younger and older. What really tickles my funny bone is the fact that after giving a whole load of points on what you can change/should change they will end with the term BE YOURSELF. So in this case the whole meaning of those points are lost. If in the end we are told to be who we are then why to lecture us about changing our self in the first place. Granted people are trying to help but really its nothing but going in a circle and then ending at square one. A pointless exercise really because of the double standard of expectancy from ones self. We are supposed to change our self yet be our self, i do not see any sense in that. Advice is given and that is granted but if at all you want a person to change why the term be yourself appears right at the end. Just say he should change in some ways and end it. The amount of confusion it can create in a persons mind because if actually that certain change is going help him then why ask him to stay how he is. So people be mindful of what you tell a person because your are contradicting your own advice and confusing the other person.


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