Jinxes and Karma

We believe nowadays that jinxes are very possible and at the best of your times 1 persons comment can make all the work go down the drain so to speak. The use of the word “touch-wood” along with actually holding a piece of wood while saying it is a very common counter-jinx. Whether the jinx really occurs or not we never are 100% sure but just for the sake of belief we use the counter to protect whatever that thing was which can be jinxed. for e.g the other day my aunt said touch-wood when she said that there were no problems while i was in Bangalore for my internship. Now it would not have mattered much if she said touch-wood or not but its her belief to not let my stay be jinxed in the last day that i spent she used the counter. We all have grown accustomed to keeping everything jinx free and at even the smallest moments we will say touch-wood. Its not hurting anyone to say it and so everyone has applied this counter-jinx to their lives in the hope that everything will always go well and that no “evil eye” will cast its stare at it. 

Then there is Karma. It can be a hell lot of pain if it strikes in a negative way. People nowadays believe that this force is a very powerful one and cause a lot of damage. And i will agree to it. Karma is a dangerous force. It strikes at any time and in any way possible. It can ruin a life within seconds. But there’s also good karma. so it has both the effects positive and negative. You hurt someone or something, you cause distress to people or damage someones property and many more things like that. Karma can come back to haunt you and will account for everything bad deed that has been done by hurting you in numerous ways where regret comes and u repent at all you did.Meanwhile if you do good deeds you will bear fruit of it in the future and that’s also karma. But nowadays we only have given the bad repercussions and the force to make that happen the name Karma. Anything bad happens to a person from another person he will give the retort: ” i will let karma take care of you”. Its become very common to say such a line but karma is never an instant payback. It will always strike when your at the weakest point. Its a force to behold because u never know when it will strike and how it will deflate that person. Its a force that is gods way of balancing the equation. Karma is a force that is him and he will always look to balance the sides. So never wish bad for a person just because he has been annoying or anything because as much as i can destroy his life, it can affect you too. 


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