Its a very unpredictable this thing called fate. Its written by the hands of god as we perceive it and well there are many ways we come know of the fate we have. Unlike my previous post jinxes and karma, fate is a totally different thing. We have used the word many a times and its mostly come at time of someones death or when someone has a near death experience. Its can be connected to the thing called destiny but mostly with fate we are never in control of what events are going to occur to us. Fate is relative to the present as well as the future. Its basically unalterable because even if we are the most alert and careful with the things we do around in this world, the fate of our life will not be affected, it will be what it is and also we never do know what it is until it happens and others end up speaking about it. A very common idea in which fate is always considered is death. If a person who might be the healthiest and disease free at the age of mid 80’s dies in his afternoon nap or something, we can only say it was his fate and that god wanted to give him a peaceful goodbye. Heck at times when people have the closest of shaves from death we can only say that his fate was to survive that experience. So never count out fate, it can and will strike at the right time and we don’t even realise when. We can do all we want to change our fate but there’s only so little that can be done, like i said at the start its a script of our life written by the hands of god alterable only by him. So live each moment like its the most precious you will get and enjoy your life all you can. 


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