Expectations, worth it or not

As a kid i really din’t bother to expect anything in life, i lived it like i will never get another chance to repeat it and its true i wont.But as i grew older and started understanding life more and as the environment around me started evolving around me i started to expect certain things in life. Only some were met, and other outrageous ones i realized i was being a little unrealistic. But fast forward to my college life where i have completed 3 out of 5 yrs i have realized time and again that never expect anything from anyone even your closest of friends because the chances of that happening is very less unless the other is adamant to honor it. One of my closest friends from my college life has instilled it in me that expecting something is a waste of time. But he also uses the line “Expect the Unexpected” and i actually have believed him because that has happened quite a few times. But my main point here is that generally expectations are sometimes left hanging in the air in the end because all expectations are never met. So i have followed my friend into believing that never hold any expectations and just go with the flow. For him this theory has worked wonders and for me also its working, i am less disappointed by events that go against me which i would have expected to favour me. In the end i personally believe i rather have fun with my life that I’ve got instead of sitting and living in false hope that something will change. Expectations will always remain but a dream.


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