Love, Relationships… You’re Kidding Right.

I might have not seen it all but i have seen enough to know what i am talking about. If 3 years in college has taught me anything, its that the current generation make a good mockery of something that is supposed to be subtle. Nowadays breakups are the latest trend, well that is what it looks like to me. Flings are the new thing and total definition of love and relationship is lost in an abyss.  Relationships hardly last nowadays, also whenever they do start they end in quick time because it never gets the spark to get going. To make a relationship work you need compromise and understanding with trust which is never seen is most of them cause they are just for time-pass rather than actual serious commitment. Its become a joke to go into relationships because in the end the break up is around the corner, and while in it there will always be rough times. Very few  couples have i seen who have actually taken this seriously and thought about it big time. But for most people its a game to be played and the guys and girls are the players. In every couple 1 person is bound to screw it up with 1 move, which is what the other exactly needs to move for another person. So when people ask me why i do not have a girlfriend or how come i have not fallen crazily in love for someone, my answer is simple if its not going be meaningful and serious enough then i rather stay single and have fun.The amount of restrictions that one tries to put on another is just hilarious at times to find out from people who already are in a relationship. It makes the us single people feel our life is actually better. Don’t  believe me ask a friend you know who is in a relationship but not really reveling in it. He will tell you to stay away and just have fun and live your life instead of being a emotion depressed character. This i have seen in my college and i look back and realise that i am better off this way. Let time do its thing but for now i am not forcing this issue and just so i am part of the majority i am not risking my freedom. My own friends have told me time and again that i am lucky not to have gone through this. I used to wonder why but when i saw it first hand with my own friends i realized that yes i am doing the right thing. Its weird though, things which have a meaning are made meaningless by a bunch of people who set a bad example and give some of the good things in life a bad name. I will never say that i am not going to have a relationship or anything of that sort but just will say instead of forcing it i will let time take its course and till then enjoy with the bunch of friends that i have and make memories to fall back on.


One thought on “Love, Relationships… You’re Kidding Right.

  1. Zainab says:

    Agreed 🙂 Don’t surround it wid alot of negativity though, make way for some positivity too 🙂

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