Friendships.. if only they were meaningful again

Its not a total hate rant that i will be printing below but its some of the aspects of this thing called friendships that slightly piss me off. There are the good friendships that each person has in his lifetime and that he would want to bring back all the memories of. Those were the successful ones because they had meaning and also effort from both sides. But nowadays people only look for friendships for getting their work done. so don’t ever think a person is chatting with you because he wants to but rather he has some work that maybe you can help him finish or maybe a favour that he would want from you. This is that point that really pushes my buttons. So basically you just demolished the meaning of friendship and know and recognize me cause you want a favour from me. So i am supposed to prioritize your favours over my own work. Yea i can keep saying no to them and tell them to find another but is this what our friendship is now. Is it only to do favours and remember us only for some work you want us to help you finish or do. Well then i rather say that i don’t know you anymore but since i am such a nice guy i will leave you to realise there is more to friendship than just favours and help. A friendship is a bond that is supposed to mean something and that was exactly how it panned out for me before i entered college. Friends with benefits is the new term use because the friend has something that you can use like car,money etc. Although the meaning of that term is changing to explicit but it applies here in a cleaner state too. So it seems in these days only if you have a car money or some instruments which others can use to their benefit they come and become your friends. Sad but true. Its made me believe that people don’t give a damn anymore about just hanging out and having fun but rather just try and exploit the advantages he/she has and you use them to your benefit. If only friendships meant something now just like in the olden days. But count on people to be total retards to not think it that way but rather get their own things done using another person via friendship. I would say good job people you really know how to treat others with no sense of dignity and respect. 


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