Academic percentage.. does it really decide everything ??

This has been a long topic that i have argued on countless number of times and have defended myself as to why i don’t really push myself to the limits. All the incentives that comes with a high percentage prove me wrong i admit that, but in the i don’t really see a reason to push myself to achieve a distinction/scholarship level. Monetary relief, a little gloating, probably a showcase to people that you are smart. But in the Indian system of education i do not believe these high grades matter much because we all know what the system is about. Mugging up and copy pasting word to word isn’t study, Not according to my books. If anyone really wants to prove himself to be smart just try the British system of education and try to achieve the same grades using the same style, you will be miserable after seeing you results. This is because the British system of education is application based and not bookish mugged up knowledge. I failed to answer my Boss’s questions on my first day of internship because i had only mugged up the information on the topics but not really applied myself in knowledge. So nowadays if anyone will ask me why i don’t try harder i just say that i rather be doing better things than study and get scholarship grades at-least for this University. Another thing i have seen with people is that due to the traditional mentality of their parents and i don’t blame them but what does concern me is that those people do not seem to be having any fun in their life. Speaking to them personally i might get told something contrary but still. I should probably not even start mentions about jobs because there they can least give a damn about what is on the CV in the academics section at least when taking about percentages, only the university name will concern them at best. The only thing interviewers will look for is how much application knowledge you have and not that you got 99.5 or 99.9% by just mugging up a book or ppts. Heck in a newspaper recently i read that a girl who got 99% did not get into SRCC College New Delhi. A prestigious college that it is but really i literally laughed because the poor thing studied like crazy got exceptional grades but still got rejected. Only goes to show that high grades never means automatic entry. Heck some places have exams for entry rendering your grades null and void. In jobs they test you in the interview by General Knowledge questions and not topic specific so again renders your effort unimportant. I know throughout this post i sound like i don’t care much and good grades don’t matter but i myself have averagely good grades but still i always feel i haven’t actually LEARNT anything rather just mugged for sake of writing exams. Anyways this is what i think and i am up for any criticism on this post but that’s how i am and that is how i see this exercise.


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