College uptil now

College has been a roller coaster ride to be frank. When i joined foundation i was in the hope that i will still have the same amount of fun with the academics that comes along. 3 Years later i have had a blast of a time in both aspects. It started off in great fashion with the class sticking together and having fun day in day out. And as time progressed the people i came to know spread across all courses and across all years. They were fun too but some just seemed to be attention grabbers. So not all people that i recognized in due time were worth it in the end. It seemed like they were just trying to get their job done in the name of friendship and also add their balloon sized ego in the mix of things. 3 years later and these kind of people i have seen many. Stayed away from them because they can totally rock your flow of things. In this aspect i always had a friend who stuck by me and kept me in the flow and prevented me from drifting off course. He has literally been like a brother who has always listened and helped me when i was off. Who gave he advice i required and told me where the dangers lie. Then there were also other friends from other depts who stood by me when i was at the lows. They still advice me to this day and our friendship is as strong as ever. But as always there are some people to screw everything up and i did have some of those in my group but later realized they are not worth my time and not worth the effort to keep in touch with. Now i just know who my friends are and where my commitments of friendships should lie. College has been a roller coaster like i said before and its not gonna stop being it either. Just have fun and end on a high is the motto 😀



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