Childhood… Those were the days.

Ever feel like you should go back in time and go through childhood again. Well somewhere in the future it might just happen. But until that does we can always reminisce about how epic childhood we all had. The friends, the fun, the activities. Our life would be buzzing every minute and we would always be occupied with something or other. Plans would be made to play sports as a group or go hangout in places and have some fun at the movies or arcades. To me it doesn’t feel the same even i did do most of the things until i was 18 or 19 even now. Going to movies and hanging out in malls now just seems a last resort option because in this place you cannot do much without a good amount of money in your wallets. Inflation does have its downsides especially when scavenging for some fun and a good time out. Heck during the holidays we burned about 400 kms of petrol in 2 days going to the other emirates just so we could pass some time. In the end we din’t do much (Ferrari world and Iceland RAK were just out of our budgets), so we just had to see whatever we could from outside without playing/paying. But yea as a child we always had the right things to do, and we always ended up playing sports or games like tag/dodge-ball/kho-kho/lagori etc. Also since global warming has had such a impact especially in summers, playing sports in 48 degrees of pure scorching heat at around the early noon mark is just calling for trouble. As i have grown older my most fun times again have come at the expense of spending a good amount of cash, such is the situation nowadays that people prefer to be indoors than outdoors. To continuously splurge cash is also a difficult thing because the inflation factor has taken the prices to unprecedented levels. So if not that people prefer to video chat/IM/social network with others just to save money. Hopefully that day will come when time travel becomes possible. At-least we can relive those epic childhood moments. 


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