Never Judge a Book by its cover (in this case people).. mistake you will be making

One thing i have seen is people judging others even before they come to know them properly. A slightly annoying predicament this because for one you have no right to judge anyone with out a base/proof and second each person is unique in his way so by judging him you are as well saying be like someone else which would be stupid. I have heard people judging others based on certain actions, while sometimes that would click to be the actual truth most of the times its false implication. That would be the biggest mistake you would make as a person because if it does not turn out the way you thought you just lost the respect of a person and knowing today’s world gossip is a big player in changing a good thing into a total disaster. So be careful when judging people, make sure you have a base to support your claim because if you don’t then u will be judged in the future based on these stupid claims that you might have made about that other person. Its a cruel thing to be alone in life but its a suffering worse than that knowing you brought it upon yourself due to the actions cast. So to end i would simply say don’t judge at all, everyone’s unique and they have the right to be how they are cause god made everyone different.


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