The ugly side of life.

In these years i have come across certain people who have really tested my patience. People who have taken advantage of my good personality and provoked me. I risked suspension in grade school because of this but after that escape i learn a valuable lesson that never stoop down to their level and try to beat them, they will beat you with their experience. That is because they lack the maturity to go past the pettiness of their provocation and instigation. There are always some people in this world you will encounter who really set you off. I have met some of these kind of people who have taken me for granted and then managed to tick me off. But i have controlled myself enough, i know its not worth my time to deal with them. I mean people should have some sense in how they act around others and how they deal with others and the image they present. but sadly this is never thought off. They just love to be the perfect devils who know damn good acting to rope in some innocent people. I personally have gone through a load of trouble mentally because of such people and because of support from a couple friends i have been able to deal with situations better and of course get past without hurting myself considerably. These kind of people that exist will give it their all to put you off course and will always according to me deserve some payback. But instead of playing god and cursing them my little friend who goes by the name of karma will take care of it for me. So while shes busy destroying these peoples happiness with a what goes around comes around kind way i can happily carry on with my life knowing that hopefully they would have learnt a valuable lesson in respect. 

It is really funny how some people don’t realise the damage they cause to others by acting this way. They feel like they are not causing harm but rather doing the right thing. Funny bit being that inspite of being told by people to change the path they are treading they will always come back to the old path and basically what was told to them was rendered obsolete. So it seems some people just like to ruin happiness of certain people just because these guys are jealous of the fun time they are having or because they have more friends then these guys. 

It surprises me as to how we cannot understand the pain we cause to others because of our actions however right we think they are but socially they are some of the biggest mistakes you can make. Making enemies is easier that friends it seems nowadays with the way people provoke and act/instigate. Whether they do it for a reason only god knows but the person who can deal with them without risking his well being is the ultimate winner. I always used to think that getting angry and shouting back at them will make them realise something but as my good friend put it we are basically shouting at walls and what we say have no effect on them because ultimately they will think they are right always.


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