Never give up.

While writing this i admit that i am a hypocrite because at many times i have actually given up and who better than my friends to tell me that get back up and attack and defend your castle. At times in my life i have been resigned to the fact that inspite of putting considerable effort in the tasks i have just not got there and that is heavily demotivating. Worse is when you go for it more than a couple of times to return empty handed. But in the end i write this to at-least convey to people that if you keep hitting it you will achieve that goal someday. So people don’t give and believe in yourself that everything is achievable in life and with that self confidence go about achieving the short term goals and long term goals that you as an individual have set for yourself. In this world nothing is impossible only thing is dedication, perseverance and its a sure shot to cross that obstacle and get the win. So never give up ever always try to go after the goal and in the end you will prevail. Here friends play an important role because they can always be there when you get knocked down and they will help you get yourself back up and running at it again. So everything achievable in life if you just don’t give up. 


One thought on “Never give up.

  1. UPW says:

    Hey I would LIke to Tell you that….KOMINI STUDY!!! YOU ARE IN third year now!!! This wont’ give you marks you know -.-

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