One of the many things required in this life is support. In medical sometimes a person needs oxygen support if his body functions ain’t helping in education and other aspects of life you need some support because in this world to do something alone is a big ask and not many people can do it with ease. Support usually  comes from parents, peers and friends, relatives. The type of support required depends from individual to individual. It could be motivational support it could just be physical presence etc. These kinds of support can drive you harder than you would normally. This maybe due to self confidence. Support raises the level of self confidence and increases the belief that anything can be achieved. But lets look at the other side too. There are some people who just do great only when they do it alone which according to me is commendable because in the end when you hit the world after graduation, you start out alone. Its like from scratch you work your way up. So support is a very important factor for some people in their lives and it can make a load of difference. 


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