College Vs Real World

Nowadays people say the real world is worse than what one would think while they are in college. I would agree to them in this aspect because who are we kidding its the corporate world. This world focuses on best productivity with the least money lost on salary and in quick time also. That is the case nowadays with companies, the money lost is due to poor productivity and lot of time consumption. Coming back to college, its like a bubble we live in. We are at the comfort zone in college where people are more supportive than critics of the work we aim to do or what we are currently doing. A college scholar will always be very comfortable to come to college and study with his friends and also will find a lo of ease working in groups. In the corporate world a lot of population mix happens, new people are met and also the rules and etiquette of work is totally different. It does catch us off guard if we are not prepared. Also worst case scenario could be that the boss is very orthodox and to the book per say. So for all college scholars be ready to face harsh music in the corporate world because its not that you will always make friends but you will also encounter a bothersome period where your adaptability will be tested and every move you make will be heavily¬†scrutinized. Remember it will only take a minute to make you a scapegoat for a failure because you will be the new addition to the workforce. So try not to get too comfy and don’t create a bubble of the college environment where mostly everything will always favour you. The corporate world is good place if your good at adapting else its as good as hell until your not at par with the rest. So be ready to face some music once your a postgraduate and get ready to toil hard for some appreciation and recognition.


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