Are we ever satisfied in life ???

Satisfaction is a difficult thing to attain in this life. The rate at which technology is improving and new things are coming at a fast click, our so called bucket lists keep evolving and increasing in size, lets just say the increase is that of a black hole :P. Everyday new things come out which are wanted by the kids/teens alike and well the idea of sustaining a good life without it seems a horror for some. Yes technology has been there for a long time and yes some items from this sector are particularly useful but to keep upgrading it in matter of weeks or months seems like a bit too much. I’m not saying i haven’t done the same but at-least i have not done it as frequently as some people around the world. Just today heard my dad say hes stretching the life of my Honda CR V to 7 yrs in total,might i add my first car in Dubai ran for 9 yrs. For another person he would be changing cars faster say every 2 years. This is all down to how satisfied you are with what you have. I see poor people in India and also in other countries that i have gone too and i wonder how they deal with life without the best things in life. The toiling they do to earn their daily bread and shelter, the Amish are actually a good example because they do things the tech-less way. We cannot replicate their living but at-least we can tone down our expenses in certain things which may not need upgrading. Laptops can be sustained in use for a 3-4 yr period, cars can do a good 5-7 years if maintained well but in the end we aren’t satisfied with this but we think upgrades will satisfy us which a misconception because in the end we are just never satisfied. The bucket list will just expand like the black hole as time goes on and as long as improvements come we will always chase to attain them in the hope of this thing called satisfaction.


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