The one very important thing in life is reputation. It defines who you are to the outside world and how recognized you are. It also proves to others that you rank high in some terms compared to other people. Your popularity increase with a good reputation. Take a business for example, if it has a good reputation then obviously people will trust it more and will know that whatever that comes out from that company will be top notch and quality work. Microsoft,Apple,Samsung etc have good reputations in the electronics business with PCs,laptops, phones etc. Like that an individual should build a reputation so he can be trusted to produce quality work and that he wont one of those who will rip someone off for his benefit and just leave with no trace of him later on. Its never easy to earn a good reputation, hard work is always required to attain a reputation that can make you a big person in the corporate world. Also on the way every step you take needs to be considered carefully and be taken thoughtfully knowing its pros and cons. Who knows that very step can define who you go on to be later on. Also as a reputed person your actions get carefully monitored by those around you and they will be judging your every step whether senior or junior that doesn’t matter. Juniors will look at you as a role model and seniors will look in you as a jewel of the company who cannot be simply replaced or fired just like that. Your worth as a person is at stake with a healthy reputation.To sum it up be careful of your actions and always look to achieve a good reputation with others because that very reputation can define you and pave your future.


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