British University vs Indian university

Every other day me and my friends have a conversation about this. We all have ended up in a Indian university and we believe that we should have chosen British over this. Our reasons are simple, even though we might not get spoon-fed with notes and stuff, relatively we might have a eased way of operating with our academics. The hectic schedule of our university just drains the life out of day in and day out. Yes we are getting all the material given to us to make it easy for us to perform in the exams/tests and all. But if you look at it in the other perspective i can safely say i have not learnt much in my 4 years in this university. Most important thing lacking is that there is no sense of application and no sense of practicality. Exams are simple mug up and perform and according to me that isn’t performance and the results of such exams dare not carry any importance or value. who am i kidding even though i did fairly suffer with the last couple years of my schooling in British education and this should be a walk in the park per say i still don’t find any reason as to why i need to waste my time just mugging stuff and photocopying that in the exam. I thought life was about application and practicality, yes i did join this university on my own accord but i did not expect it to be this poor. I have heard Indian education is one of the best supposedly but i can safely say its best in mugging up and performing, ask these same students practical and application questions from a British syllabi and most will suffer to answer because they have not learnt to apply rather just copy paste word to word/paragraph to paragraph. When i made this choice of an Indian university i really expected better but for people who have schooled in British education and come to Indian they will have a slow start because of difference in operations. Thankfully it hasn’t resulted in a total disaster and i am still managing to hold my own but i would say i should have reconsidered because its not easy getting used to this difference. I have missed out on some opportunities due to the hectic schedule of this university but its not all gloom and doom, all universities have their pros and cons and no university is a perfect one. I have made memories in this place and they will be forever present.


3 thoughts on “British University vs Indian university

  1. gnatseyeview says:

    British and Indian are indeed quite different. My wife got two degrees from the University in Mumbai before moving to the USA many years ago. I think, though, once you have your degree, you’ll find it has prepared you well. Hopefully then you can travel some–both in Great Britain and beyond–perhaps even the USA. That’s a separate education in itself.

    • we all look at it differently. i guess in the long run i might change my view, i speak right now in the midst of my 3rd year engg in Computer Science so maybe it was too early to judge. But its a different methodology all together and i dint ease into it so well.

  2. You know, we all have this dream to be a part of Oxford or Harvard Universities, but we never dream of being in Indian universities. Truth being, the environment, love and friendship we will seek in an Indian University will never be found anywhere else. But sadly in the end quality of education matters, hence British universities surpass in that aspect.

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