The Big White Lie

Well in this world lying is a very common practice. We all lie to someone or the other at 1 point of time just to either save our-self from any trouble or just to aide us in some practice. If anyone tells me that they have never lied it will be tough to believe because its become such a common practice that now some people can slip away using it and it wont even be caught. Especially if we see that the people are becoming loaded with more and more work to do in their daily schedule and so to catch a break and release some stress and tensions they will pick this up and use it. People will say that i hate being lied to and many other phrases on the same lines but these same people cannot decipher if its truth or lie because its so seamlessly integrated to the vocabulary and also when used there is no suspicion as such that will arise. People just carry on after listening and that person has got away with it. They say lies are harmful and i couldn’t agree less but that also depends on context right. But then again there are some people who genuinely haven’t lied or who don’t like the concept of lying to others just for some minimal personal gain. Honesty is the best policy as they say but every person has their reason to lie about something or the other. Some people are there who lie just because they don’t want to hurt a persons feelings by saying no and then there are others who misuse this opportunity and try to make the best of it. 

Even though lying has its short term perks it still rates as a sin and so we should try and be as honest as possible and as truthful as possible. Probably a cue can be taken from the game Truth or Dare and seam that into our usual communication. But in the end as its said in every possible religious material that lying a sin and it should not be a common practice.


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