Imagine living a life filled with people interfering in every little business of yours. I’m sure it will be stated as hell (figuratively). Thing is nowadays we are just so filled with a flow in our lives that a sudden subtle interference can be oblivious to us. But the people around you will surely notice that 1 person who’s trying to feed into your mind the way he/she wants you to be. Then we agree that living as who you are loses its meaning. Also if that same person who’s trying to impose some of his/her ideologies of how you should live says that you should be who you are, then its pure contradiction on the statement before. On the other hand many people do not really care, they take it as advice but the problem is that they are interfering in a life that is not theirs. Unless advice about one’s life is ask specifically, i think other people should be wary of what they say. I won’t say that u don’t pass those advices but at-least don’t try to sound imposing. I have seen it change people to something they were not and it isn’t a pretty sight. One’s way of living a life should be left to that person really. That in the end is the ‘real’ you. If changing the way you operate based on others advices is what you have been doing then its not really who you are.

The other thing is that in-spite of being told to back off, some people still find pleasure in tailing a person and taking his patience to the limits. That’s apparently joyous for them, well it isn’t and if you have been told to back off then its better that is heeded or else you are just gonna make that person more annoyed. Life is both simple and complicated, simple when you do things you want and by yourself and complicated when others interfere and act as personal advisers even after telling them to back off. So realize where you life stands, is someone else running it or are you at the master controls of your life meant to go onward to your destiny ?


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