Celebration time

Its that time of the year as always. This time its Eid and Halloween back to back. People have done the rushing and fluttering to get their preparations done. The Eid is a big deal in the Muslim religion and all Arab countries crank up the festivities and the mood with lots of celebrations in their malls, along with giving institutions and offices a deserved break. This is the 2nd of the 2 Eids that happen every year, also in religious terms this becomes the more important one. People flock to the Saudi Arabia for Haj pilgrimage to offer their prayers to god for a prosperous future for themselves and their families and relatives. One of the many rituals which is believed should be compulsorily done at least once in their life. A small way of showing love to god and ready to sacrifice it all.  Celebrations are at an all time high this year with malls and public transport operating at close to 24hrs. The metro is abuzz with passengers heading to take advantage of discounts and offers in different stores. Fireworks in the evening to mark the festivities.

Not long after this celebration is over, a smaller fun party day comes. Halloween with its spirit flying high. People dressing up in costumes and collecting candy and trying to scare people at best is one of the many fun activities to watch as they do their best to scare the pants of some people.

So to end this post let the festivities capture u in and have a gr8 Eid and a fun Halloween. Cheers 😀


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