It is actually oblivious to us but we do it all the time. postponements of pending work till the day before submission/presentation is the very common form of procrastination that occurs on a daily basis. We all think we will do it in time and get it submitted and that therefore plays our mind into thinking that we have more time than actually available. On the day before submission though, brain goes into overdrive, physically body is sent into overtime and then we lose sleep and cause ourselves minor health issues. Nervous breakdowns or the frenzy that we dive into is a result of this attitude of ” more time is there”.

Everyone does it. It is a very common thing, because our mind is trained to believe that we can manage in a days time or in an hours time. This differs from person to person because everyone’s ability is different. Some people will actually not suffer by procrastinating but for others it can be a very fatal move. Coping up in the end seems to become a near impossible task and to actually stabilize the mind people then try different methods that they think will work e.g. coffee. Basically they try to stimulate the brain and keep it working into overtime instead of sleeping and letting it cool.

I have been on the bad end of the procrastinating, mostly stayed up and lost sleep over the work. But even though it is easy to advice people not to do that( and i will be a hypocrite if i do so right now), we can all give it a try to actually get everything done on time and relieve ourselves of that extra bit of pressure. Relaxation come a lot easier when all the work is done beforehand because we have the knowledge that we finished all the work and now we are having some time for ourselves to do the recreation activities that we so love to do.

Let me end by saying that procrastination is really not ideal but what can do, its the human nature to be a little slack and to “party now study/work later”. Not said verbally by many but done by them in form of action.


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