There was a time when the feeling of love was a serious thing. Love itself was a meaningful serious thing. Gone are those days where loving someone and having a relationship with them meant something serious. My own friends (females of course) have told me that one day you will find someone who you will love from the deep depths of your heart. Looking at the current scenarios going around my reply can only be, gone are those days when this feeling was a serious thing and gone are those days where one will have this feeling genuinely. I used to be a believer, i was optimistic that i will find someone with whom a serious commitment can be made but current times have changed my optimism to the brink of pessimism. Love is nothing but a game in these times and people love to play this game to the best they can. Its become a sort of a time pass activity now. Very rarely have i seen where this feeling is 1) mutual and 2) serious. Full commitment has become a near impossibility to achieve because hardly any seriousness is given. I only speak for myself and i speak with a certain assurity  that for me love is not the same as it was before and it never will be. Two things that are needed trust and commitment which i find in scarcity, two timing and cheating of various forms are the new thing. Worst part is that the realization is absent, the sensibility has vanished and its all a game and the worlds young gen are the players. Each player keeps a own score and they have absolutely no shame in the emotional harm they spread. Now when people ask me if i like someone or do i have any one in my mind, i tell myself that there is no point to even have anyone because its not even worth the effort to try and go after her. A believer i was, a skeptic i have become.


One thought on “Love

  1. Haila, No wonder movie titles like I hate love stories and love ka the end are there now, but in the end the actors fall in luv ;):) Leave it to time and God 🙂

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