Respect all women because without them there would be no balance.

With respect to what has gone down in Delhi a few days back, also a apology in advance in case i hurt anyone’s sentiments ( unintentional of course), I believe what occurred that day was a one of those instances which should have been prevented at all costs. We all live in countries that vouch for safety of every individual/resident staying within the borders of the country. Every government has this at the top of their agenda with every election and every reform they look to improve this integral part so that the people continue to stay in and help the country build in stature. Few days back when this crime occurred it was shocking to know that something of this extent can also happen. Not only was it a case of rape but a case of brutality over it. The perpetrators of the crime should deserve strict capital punishment so that this is a lesson that these kinds of crimes are gone unpunished. We all have women in our lives in the forms of mothers,sisters,friends,colleagues,grand mothers,aunts etc. Just like we respect the women who were are connected with it also becomes a moral responsibility to respect the women that aren’t as well. Now since that tragedy has occurred the women have come out to the streets to revolt and protest for a safer place to stay. Why wouldn’t they, what if they were the next target, who would save them from being insulted and brutalized. True that every woman cannot be provided personal bodyguards and maybe armaments also may not be a viable option but at least some sort of protection on the streets by the police to monitor those areas where this is of high occurrence.Β  Now this isn’t the first time rape case has happened and not the first place either. But the concerning part is that this is very frequent and the guilty haven’t been punished appropriately so that people who even think of doing it in the future will stop and think of the dire consequences. But such people are basically the filth that exists in a majority of hardworking,decent and the general public who go about their running their own lives and supporting their families.There is no excuse to mistreat a woman, and especially in India where we worship goddesses this is totally unacceptable. I hope that the girl survives although she will be scarred for life and also hope that the government will take the right action and hopefully set an example that this is intolerable at any costs.


3 thoughts on “Respect all women because without them there would be no balance.

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    Well said πŸ™‚

  2. True, women need security in any part of d world. either set a better governance or people come out with decent mentality.

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