Well its 2013 and well the Mayans were wrong and we still survived. Hopefully this year will be bigger and better in all our lives and especially after a tough 2012 I can firmly say I cannot wait to go through this year. Optimistically I believe this year will bring more happiness and joy to everyone in all the activities I perform. I also wish to all my readers that they have an amazing year ahead and may god bless them all. Well getting back the year 2013 was welcomed in a big bash all around the world, people wanted to get done with a tumultuous 2012 and what better than a pyrotechnics show in many cities around the world. Dubai for one had a great pyrotechnics although it was only 4.5 mins long but it was a blast nonetheless. Everyone came out on the roads to witness the marvel of the tallest building in the world shooting out fireworks with the support of the address hotel and of course the fountain as well.

The city spent an extra bit of cash this year to make the show even better and people were not left disappointed. Heck which building actually shoots out hearts from itself as a celebration for the new year. There were a mix of many colors and many different patterns and it was a wonderful show to watch. Also there were displays at the Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumierah and the Burj Al Arab as well. Together Dubai celebrated new years like a party that was not gonna end anytime soon. People were flocking over to the Dubai Mall to witness the show and ended up jamming all the roads leading to the mall. Metro was functioning at over Capacity and well nobody wanted to be the loser to miss this show which only occurs at new years.

So with this i bid everyone a happy new year and wish all to have a great year ahead and enjoy life. Cheers Y’all


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