After the recent furor in India over the Delhi incident, one of the victims came out with a very surprising interview given today in the news. As it happened that many people saw these people in distress but dint stop to help.

Leaving that aside lets generally think about this for a moment. If one sees someone in distress, i.e mostly accident victims or such, the public will always hesitate to go and help the person. Take this country for example, at least people will call the cops and ambulance or the fire brigade if they see people in distress but one common sight is that you will see public hesitate to help. This is a general sight most of the times and explainable too because the moment you enter the scene you become the witness according to the law. So public decides to stay away and just ring which is still good enough.

Now heading to India and its a bad scenario all together. Public never seems to care for the people in distress and if they see people injured hurt or anything like that, they wash their hands and just leave. 

Now lets say we actually did decide to help, wont that save the person. Instead of wasting precious minutes in deciding what to do or who to call wouldn’t it be better to take that extra risk and just help the person till the time he gets professional help/treatment. Yes you will be in the middle of investigation but at least you have saved a life and given that person extra time to live and fight for his cause.

Its something to think about. If i got a chance i would actually look to save a person and get caught up with all the legalities because i will have a satisfaction that i saved a life or i helped in doing something good. So help people whether they are your friends or whether its someone from the public, what goes around comes around so doing that 1 good deed might be rewarded in some way.


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