Exam season

Well its that time of the year again. First semester of the year has ended in my college and end semester exams are starting next week. The only issue we guys would raise is comparing to other colleges who are already on vacation why is our calender so late. Other colleges have already been closed for the winter and will open in a weeks time or so but well it is what it is. This is the crunch time of the year where whatever is learnt throughout the semester is applied in question paper. But then again what would we do without exams and how would we decide qualified people from unqualified. 

I have complained in the past during my school years that why do we have exams. Now my only complaint remains the time of the year it happens :P. Added to the fact that our college in the one in few that are still open at this time of the year the exam timetable for us came out last week or so and boy was it a heart attack. 9 am-12 pm exams means that we have sleepless nights just before the exam and also we get no time to prepare on the day of the exam. We as a group of students were well suited to the afternoon sessions 1-4 because it gave us time to calm down and study without panic. Now we are really in a sticky situation. Last time i had morning exam was in my foundation year of college and that time it wasn’t that hectic and tough. Now being in engineering the stakes are higher and performance means everything. 

Last year also we got morning shift but a little pressure on the professors as a group helped us avoid that disaster. This is year though no room for compromise and well we have to face the music as its gonna be played.Well not all gloom and doom  with this schedule actually. The small glimmer is that we are off after 12 and tension free until the next exam day which is after a days break.

Apart from that the best thing about this exam period is that according to the calender it finishes on 23rd Jan which is a good 4 days before my 21st B’day. Also 1 day before hard-well is coming to perform in Nasimi beach, but that’s out of question because i wont be allowed legally since Nasimi is a club. But satisfaction enough with the fact i don’t have to worry about exams on my b day so it will be a smooth day. Most probably though i might have CCNA classes that day but what the heck, no exams and that is what matters to me. 

So hopefully exam season will go well and with that satisfaction i can party on my b’day and make it a memorable one. 


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