Oscars: Maybe a movie is missing somewhere

I saw the Oscars list a couple days back. Although i was mostly satisfied with the people and movies nominated i realized something was amiss. The one movie with the crew which wasn’t even mentioned in a footnote was the Christopher Nolan Superhero flick Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Although most people will say that there were better movies than that one like Les Miserables and Life Of Pi but i still felt that TDKR should have been given a nomination somewhere in there. I mean it had everything that could have taken it into the Oscars, like how the previous one went with heath ledger getting nominated. But yes big difference without ledger in this movie, still i felt a nomination was due under at-least 1 category. Maybe Christopher Nolan or maybe the movie or at-least Hans Zimmer for the amazing soundtracks he provides for such movies.

Oh well, maybe they have a good reason as to not take TDKR into consideration at all. But it will be a disappointment to all batman fans and all Christopher Nolan fans that he and his movie dint make the cut. I’m pretty disappointed with that because the movie was good enough to go in. But hopefully Nolan will come with a bang with his next movie and maybe that might Oscar material once more after this years absence.


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