Parkour: The art of free running

The other day i was scanning the website of my local newspaper and i read an interesting article and saw a video too of Ryan Doyle the legend of Parkour. In the video and article he talks about what Parkour is and how it has been incorporated in his life. At that instant i switched to  YouTube to watch more videos on this art and i was amazed at how he has done Parkour almost around the world even the great wall of china!!!.

I watched so many videos of his because it was such a different and interesting activity that actually any human can do any time. Instead of walking in a monotonous fashion one can do Parkour and well it becomes his exercise regime as well as a fun activity.  I was very intrigued by the moves they did and how they must have prepared and other intricate details. At this point i’m eager to learn the art of Parkour because it can bring a different dimension in life and make us see life in a different way. One of the things you definitely will not see everyday is a man who is running and jumping in different styles with the different obstacles that are around him. Also the fact that any obstacle can be used be it buildings railings etc. The video really got me into this and i did a little more research and found that they do hold classes for Parkour in my city.

Its definitely a must try actually, because it is actually a healthy way to move about and also the body gets into motion and exercise is also done.


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