Social Networking

in the past decade or so the social network sector has risen to great heights. This is mainly because with social networking we can keep in touch with our friends and family who are not living closer to where we stay. Also social networking which is basically chatting with friends and family, sharing the latest news via status updates or tweet and even sharing pictures and videos to the public.

Social networking has been a blessing in disguise because well other than the internet charges on a monthly basis we practically don’t pay to talk or to upload media. Its kept us connected not only to the people we know but also helped us to connect to people who we don’t but can help us with our future prospects. A real advantage if you ask me because without it we would be still stuck with the general email at best or then back to the archaic telephone. Connectivity is the main aim to address for all those companies who have their social networking sites. LinkedIn  Facebook  Google +. Then we have Skype which is good for video calling and its a VOIP and i would term this in social networking because here we make calls and video calls for free.

So to sum it up social networking has been a real great idea and public are thankful to the developers behind these products for bringing out the best connectivity possible between groups of people at no cost and instantaneously


One thought on “Social Networking

  1. Really…A boon… I found few good friends and new comers too..

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