Nowadays we are totally dependent on this thing called technology. Its forms are various and its uses are also loads. Basic idea to use a machine to do the work for us so we save time and money and also make sure more work can be done in less time. Technology did not just land on earth it was rather thought up by people and then those theoretical ideas were put into action and that particular tech was made. e.g phones,automobiles etc.  All these started from a very basic model which did one or 2 things at first then slowly additions were made to make it safer and improve its productivity and give better output. Take mobiles for example. Apple vs Android war is exactly that only. One company trying to add more features to its product line and those features are useful ones too. Now the latest in automobile is self parking or cruise control that will adjust itself depending on distance between the 2 cars. The tablets are the latest tech that is in demand since its size is small and also easy to carry. Then latest is Samsung using flexible screen on its devices to we can actually fold the screen!!. Also open the fold to make it from phone to tablet. Now how cool is that technology. So technology has progressed over the years and the aim remains the same, to try and make our lives easier and to help us give better productivity and waste as less time as possible.

Imagine if this world was without the hi-tech instruments it has today. How we would be toiling to finish work and how school and college would have been a tougher task without a calculator!!. But yea there’s also the downside to technology and that is the misuse of it. Just because a device can perform 1 special action, some people try to use that to advantage in unfair means like theft and crime. Technology is not built for that purpose. Shame really that people actually go to such heights as to blackmail or hack etc and get the information or the money that they are looking for.

So guys respect technology and be happy that the world is evolving and getting smarter day by day so we people can make full use of the provided technology and make life simple.


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