Losing a loved one

Well this post is being written as a dedication to a friend of mine who had lost her dad and uncle in a horrid car accident a couple years back. One of the real tragedy in a persons life and it also has an effect of the people connected with the person this who has gone through this. I am one of the many friends who knows this girl since she studies in my college and i can understand what she must be going through not only right now but since that incident occurred.

Losing a loved one and that especially a parent or relative of any kind isn’t easy to handle because that person has been a part of your life for such a long time and well if its parents then it becomes one of the worst ever happen. I had lost my grand dad just last year in April and i was told of this by my mom when i was watching a movie with a classmate in a cinema close to our college. Shivers ran down my spine and we both raced back to college and i asked my foundation classmate to join me on the way back home because i couldn’t have driven my car all the way back alone. Its a very tough situation to handle and well my grandad was in my life since i was born and every year i used to go for vacations to visit and him and the best part was me and dad has brought him and grand mom to Dubai just couple months before to stay and enjoy this place as my dads wish it was.

Well although we can be rendered helpless with how god plays this game called life and what fate we all have in store for us we cannot just sit in 1 place and say that our life is over. We have to remember that even if they are not physically alive they are in our heart and soul and are watching from above the moves we make and how proud we make them for them to call us their blood relatives. As a grandson i will always remember that grand dad is watching my dads family as well dads brothers family and will be hoping that we make their name proud with what we do and achieve in our life.

To end i will say to my friend stay strong and do the best you can in your life. make your life large and bring achievements under your name. I’m sure your dad is still watching you and he will be proud to call u his daughter. Also remember your friends are there to support you no matter what and you can always count on us to help you when you need it the most.


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