Time. It is what makes our life tick.

One of the many intangible aspects of our life is this thing called time. You can see on all different kinds of watches and according to it is how we humans base our life and daily activities. But in the recent past people have been realising that time is waiting for no one. Check 2012 foe example, it came and went in a flash. Felt like just yesterday was new year and what do you know we are into 16th day of the new year.

Time is definitely waiting for no one but rather we the people have to play catch up. Winters are making the day pretty short  and nights long but still if you sleep and when you open your eyes and see its already been 8-10 hrs that you have slept. Most of the days are passing by way to quickly. My exam for instance started on Sunday and i realise that tomorrow its already Wednesday!!!! Even the days gap between exam feels like we have exams on consecutive days because of time passing so quickly.

With all this the factor of time management comes into picture. Those with best time management are hose who haven’t suffered at the hands of time even a single bit. They are always at pace with the ticking clock and for them it does not seem as there is any change in length of day.

So never underestimate time and plus keep pace otherwise a blink is enough for time to leave you trailing in its path. Then you will only be playing catch up for the rest of your life.


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