Terrorism. What is the point really.

Today, rather tonight since i was reading about a couple terror attacks on Wikipedia right before watching the Bollywood flick Shootout at Lokhandwala which was rather based on rumors of a  daylight encounter killing of 5 people connected to the underworld in the 1990’s in Mumbai. After reading and watching that movie i revisited the main thought that is planted in my head for a long time. That is why terrorism is at an all time high around the world. What the people doing this getting from it.

1) Publicity?. Yea sure they will get their 5 seconds of fame and if they are killed its the last 5 seconds in their life

2) Protest?. Well protest can be done in a sensible and saner manner but looking at the governments i doubt they had the patience to sit and just hear their words vanish in thin air.

3) Easy Money?. Well inspite of what money they must be getting for carrying these tasks out and well most end up being suicide mission they never get the money anyways so i wonder if money has anything to do with it.

4) Social Insecurity?. Possibly they are the neglected ones. This is related to the 3rd and 2nd point as well so it all adds up to this. Maybe they all are from the poor parts of the world or something.

5) Religion bound?. I think I’m crazy enough to even mention this. But only because i hear the the excerpts on TV and probably some articles even quote what terrorists have said in a tape or a letter or some form of display. I am a religion bound spiritual person and i am more than 100% sure that not a single religion in this world allows terrorism to be in their good deeds book.

Terrorism has started a long time back and i actually have no idea where it roots from but its become like a revolution type form which is more deadly and which only involves a minority of the 7 billion. Its an act that should be severely punishable by any law in any country because no human on this planet should get killed without reason. Most of the victims or deaths are of people who are the “uninvolved” party. The civilians suffer and the country suffers because of the atrocities these groups carry out.

I believe its the duty of every country to make sure terrorism is stopped as much as possible because loss of lives without reason itself a horrible thing to think about. 9/11 26/11 7/7 are some of these attacks that will be etched in memory of the people because they rocked the heart of the respective country and people who were watching around the world.

I don’t have much hope that it will decrease but my hope lies in that there should be minimal loss of lives and that each govt takes the necessary steps to deliver safety to the people of the country. We should all be involved in the fight against terrorism. We deserve to live our lives to the maximum we can and we should be able to. No one has the right to take what is rightfully ours. God is watching the world from above and each one has their own fate and we cant change that. But what we can change is improving the safety of our cities and countries so that our generations can also enjoy their lifetime.



One thought on “Terrorism. What is the point really.

  1. Anzuma says:

    The whole point of terrorism is to create fear amongst people. Thanks to certain attacks, haven’t people got scared enough or cautious than before? They have. They can never be impromtu again. How would you like if you have to live every second of your life being careful? THAT is the fear the terrorists have instilled. Fame and publicity you talk about? Unfortunately, they do get the fame, they do get the publicity; they become immortal in our minds. The deadlier they are, the more faster their names travel through generations after generations. So yes, there is a point to terrorism, a point that most of the ethically right people can’t digest.

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