Sports is one of the most interesting time pass to follow nowadays. Brilliant matches happening in different sports i follow. Federer is on a roll in the Oz open in the tennis department. In the football department Manchester United ( team i support) is also doing well to keep o the top of the table. In cricket we have India playing England in an ODI series and Lead with 2 matches to 1 in the 5 match series.

Apart from the millions they earn on a regular basis its is really interesting to see the skills and effort they put for their teams. Just yesterday i witnessed a 5 hour epic between Novak Djokovic from Serbia and Stanislas Wawrinka from Switzerland in the 4th round of the Oz open. It is matches like these that keep me hooked on to the sport. For me i want Roger Federer to win every tournament he plays and well i might get to see him in the finals of the Dubai tennis open should he reach there.

My following of sport has taken me to stadiums to watch the Dubai Tennis Open last year and as well as Cricket matches in the local stadiums when International teams used to come and play series in the 1990-2000 period. Now my next goal as a sport fanatic is to watch a football match in a stadium, visit Old Trafford Football Stadium ( Home of Man Utd). Visit Lords Cricket Stadium and also watch an F1 race live. The best part is that my dad is supportive of all this. He loves sport also and he also loves to go to stadium atmospheres and watch the matches because obviously its more fun there than sitting at home and watching on tv.

So i hope these little wishes might get fulfilled in the near future and the fanatic inside me gets the satisfaction it craves because nothing is better than meeting your favorite sportspeople and visiting the stadiums and supporting the teams you love so much. Its a thrill indeed.


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