My Globetrotting experience

Well i am only 20 and i have already been to as many countries as my age in probably half the number of years. Been to countries in central Europe, the southern area of the far east as well as the North African region.It all started when i was s young as about 5-7 years old when i first visited another country other than the UAE/OMAN/India.

Egypt was the place and well that was a good beginning because it had so much of rich history that i learned about in brief later in my schooling years. After that we headed to Cyprus a year or so later. There also we had a lot of history and well part of the country was off limit to tourists because of the Turkish occupation but a couple years after it was opened for the tourists to go see.

Then in 2005 we did the big one went about 8 countries of Europe in 15 days time starting from London,England and ending in France,Paris while hopping through Belgium, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Italy,Switzerland. Visited places like Venice, Florence, Vatican, Zurich, Geneva etc. Had a blast on that tour the whole family. Dad especially loves the Switzerland and England from that trip and it is the 2 places he would love to go and visit more often since the climates are great and things to see are loads.

Then we had a Far East Tour a couple year back visited Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore and the Hong Kong. From this batch the best of the lot i liked was Singapore because of the cityscape and the beautiful island of Sentosa which i wish i could stay there for a long time. Macau was another island region we visited which is pretty famous for casinos but as being a firm follower of my religion i had to sacrifice the little craving i had to visit one of them plus i was underage so that kind of sorted itself out eventually. Genting Highlands was one the spotlights as well with its longest cable car network and also that theme park with hotel in it which a thrill of its own.

Then last year we took a 2 country trip to Turkey and Greece. Me and dad were adamant that we go to Greece for sure because when it came to history it was one the the most history oriented countries in the world. Loads of history to be learn from this small nation and the Islands of Rhodes and Lindos, Mykonos, Santorini, Kusadasi, Patmos, Crete. Each Island had something to offer ranging from the famous white house architecture to the volcano residing to the palace of Knossos (the remains only). To top it off we had a 5 day cruise that took us to these islands so it was a vacation which we dint want to get out from. Apart from these islands in the mainlands of the 2 countries there were the famous buildings to see like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque of Turkey and then the area of Delphi as well as the history engulfed architecture museum where they built the building over the excavated sit and made glass floors so tourists can look down and check out the finds.

None of this could have been possible if it weren’t for my dad and his hunger to go explore countries around the world. 18 countries in the last decade is some achievement to have in a child’s lifetime and my dad keeps spurring me on to get settled well and continue the globetrotting till we have covered as much is possible providing we have good health and we live long enough.

Apart from going country hopping i did some city hopping too in India. Went to Goa, Agra and Bangalore,Pune and Nasik apart from the usual places i head to like Nagpur, Bhopal, Raipur and Jabalpur and a small town called Shegaon where i go for religious duties.

So its been pretty amazing that i have got to go so many places and well it doesn’t seem like its going to end any time soon since this vacation we already planning to head to Mauritius for a week or so. There are a couple countries that dad has visited which i still have to visit like Saudi Arabia and Morocco and Djibouti but those will be visited at a later stage hopefully.

So all in all a good lifetime experience provided by my dad and any amount of thanks to him is pretty less considering the gravity of the experience he has given to me and mom. I really hope i can keep this up and keep visiting more countries and learn new things about other cultures as i have done till now.


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