Finally 21

Well it couldn’t have been any better for me. My 21st Bday ever so special by the lovely friends i have who care and went through a lot to make it ever so memorable for me. I will certainly remember this for years to come.

So that now i am 21 every is asking me about clubbing and what not. well frankly im not a clubber but i wouldn’t mind a couple of drinks as celebration any-day. It was an amazing day filled with loads of fun and activity. Started in the best fashion possible 4 of my best friends show up to my door at 12 am and surprise me with cake and gift. I was hell surprised because i never expected it to happen. The whole scenario put me in a shock for about the whole night that i couldn’t even get good sleep. Also really appreciate the Pioneer Car Audio System they gifted me, it was one of the things i really wanted to buy for my car and well they got it for me. So a big big thanks to all of u guys, you are the greatest. 

The day then continued with the CCNA classes that i had enrolled for so spent about 5 hrs doing that. After those were over i headed back home and talked to dad about where to get that system fixed. We had some technical problems and so we had to switch a set from that bunch to another which will actually fit in my car so that took us a while. After getting that sorted we headed back home for the second time. By then parents had decided for a family+friends dinner at one of the bigger Indian restaurants and so we got ourselves booked there.  In between all that another friend from college who graduated a couple years back came all the way from media city to see me and wish me and give me a gift from her side as well which turned out to be a cap and dog-tag of Manchester united so that was another good surprise. After finishing the meet with her we were back at home while my parents managed to a get a second cake from their side and well they had told me to get a gift from their side as well which turned out to be a shirt from Reebok. So in that small family celebration we had a little fun as well. Then we headed for dinner and by the time we were done my bday was over.

It was a great day for me. i enjoyed a lot only because i have such amazing friends and family who are always around when i need them. Thanks to all of them for making this day truly epic.


3 thoughts on “Finally 21

  1. Burcu Erturk says:

    Happy B’day! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on christmas tree ornaments.

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