BB Z10

Well this is the first tech related post on this blog of mine and what better way to start then the latest product release from RIM company (now formally known as Blackberry Co). The BB Z10 as i found out first hand isn’t that bad a phone and for the BB fanatics its like the ultimate BB to own. I’m not that great a fan of the BB Series and personally i prefer the great Android to any other OS at the moment.

Nothing to take away from this phone though. its better than its predecessors in many ways and all details are up on the review sites, here i am only talking about what this means for a person. For a person who just wants a phone i can recommend many other devices that may trump this one  but for a BB fan this is the one to have. Its has nothing great in terms of hardware but well some programs have taken a bump upwards and many new functionalities have been stashed inside.

Well the RIM co or BB co as now its branded itself hopes that this flagship device will rocket the company to a higher level and get more people to start using the blackberry as a communication device. They are really banking on this device to sell because it is like their last shot at regaining some market momentum which isn’t really that much. All in all a pretty average phone to have, the reviews will tell you the same but for those who own a BB and love the brand you just might want to get your hands on this keeper.


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