As Valentines Day approaches.

Well 1 month of 2013 is over and with that so is my birthday. And that’s another year added to my age as well. We welcome February 2013 currently in its second week. By welcoming February we welcome the day known as Valentines day which apparently has a preceding set of days and together making it the valentines week. The female fraternity take this day to their hearts and talk about love and all that. The males ( singles ) just go about their business unless some want to profess their love to their crushes. While the singles are doing that the couples take this day to go for romantic dates and spend time with their better halves as they like to term them ( not many do actually). But the core point is that this is the day of love as has become the norm in the years preceding this one.

I don’t find this day different than any other and that might probably be due to my years of singularity. But for others it has a meaning and who am i to judge them because of it. Difference of perception due to the state of ones life. But even when friends tell me to take a shot at a person i like, or take a dive and try to catch someone i just give them my simple reply. I will bide my sweet time and not force anything. Life taking its course is fair enough for me right now.

So to all the happy couples out there have a great valentines week and enjoy valentines day as it comes only once a year so the biggest special is reserved for that day. Meanwhile i shall sit back and relax and probably hang out with my gang of friends and watch a movie. I hear “A Good Day To Die Hard” is releasing on valentines day. Ironic the movie has such a name considering its release date. But yea for me its the same as any other and i will just take it as a normal day of my life.



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