Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Mistakes. They happen right. Part of the human nature and we can always learn from them. But sometimes its worse when a mistake is blown out of proportion let alone if it comes out of a misunderstanding between parties.

Today was one of those days that i made such a mistake due to a misunderstanding that was the crux of it. But what was the worst part was that the person on who i committed the mistake thought it was wiser to go talk to someone else about it instead of myself, especially when I was the one to blame. They say people learn from their mistakes and i hope to also. After all im a human just like the rest 6+ billion people around the world. I will not say i don’t deserve the flak, i do deserve it because it was a matter of being best friends and doing that friend an injustice.

But there is a point where you realise you cannot take the full blame but some fault lies in the other party too. It may not be the case always but here is where the misunderstanding part comes into picture.

There is a clear daylights difference between a mistake and misunderstanding. Usually a misunderstanding leads to mistake and vice versa as well.So it depends what it was. An outright mistake or a misunderstanding. The judgement of blame also depends on these 2 words and which one was it or was it a mix of both. Playing the blame game is a never-ending exercise and can also lead to disastrous results. So before the blame is thrown out first thing to know is what exactly went down and how much of the blame belongs to who.

Anyways like i said we are humans and we learn from experience. Nothing is 100% accurate or foolproof on planet earth and we deserve chances to recover from those mistakes and hope to never make them. Misunderstandings are like mere anomalies. They happen due to circumstances and there’s a fine line as to how much of that we can avoid. So we can always try to make sure everything is always in sorted order but some or the other time something is bound to go off.

So before the blame game has started the bit of advice is know the full situation and then decide how much to blame the people involved. Unfortunately are the cases where this blame game has ruined many a good friendships and relations with people. So best to think rationally and work out these misunderstandings. As for mistakes god has given us a lifetime but its best to rectify the errors and keep the future clean from controversy.


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