Valentines day as i see it.

Well valentines day has arrived and what better than to have a trolling fest via a post on my blog. Yes all the couples who are dating and probably even married ones have made plans but for us single guys out there there was only 1 thing of interest. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Real Madrid Football Club vs Manchester United Football Club was the highlight for the evening and every interested football fan will watch that over anything.

So basically when February of each year rolls around the corner the famous tagline is at a all time high usage. For girls its valentines time and for the guys its UEFA champions league knockout stage time. I wonder how the guys who went out for dates might be feeling missing out on some good match ups. Although luckily this time valentines fell on a thursday and the best matches happened on Wednesday so far. But still there’s a Europa League for the people who like to watch that as well so the football fever continues into valentines day and past it.

Frankly my schedule for the day will be to hang out at a friends place and play Xbox and chat about how our lives are as single people. But i think i would take that over anything really. Some of my friends have real guts to call this a “Happy ruthless money spending day !!”. In a way it might just be that for some unlucky guys. For the people who really have a good relationship going i do have it in my heart to wish u guys the best and for the single guys out there worry not UEFA and Football matches to the rescue.

So have a great day guys and this was totally a troll post, i hope i did not offend anyone or instigate any breakups. Wishing all my readers Happy valentines/UEFA football day. Enjoy Cheers


3 thoughts on “Valentines day as i see it.

  1. Ironic that you have three posts written on valentines day despite not believing in the day :P;) hehehe, Happy Valentines Day :)<3

  2. Shreyans says:

    Written 1 post which is also a troll post. 2 videos out of which only 1 is supporting valentines spirit ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Loool signs of being in love my friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

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