Dubai Tennis Open.

Well the once a year tournament is back in Dubai. This time i got tickets for semis and finals after failing last year. the one tournament where some of the current greats from mens and womens rosters come to play and entertain the strong tennis crowd that resides here. Tickets are sold within minutes and well why not, you have Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic coming to play. It starts with the womens tournament first and then followed by mens section. 1 week long starting with a round of 32, its one of the tournaments to come and watch. Last year it even got an award as the best ATP 500 tournament on the circuit.

I being an ardent tennis fan always wanted to watch Roger Federer play in front on my eyes live and this time i might get to watch him 2 days in a row provided he reaches the finals of course. My dad also got into the act and its because of him i started to like tennis in the first place. Last year we were a bit unfortunate not to get finals and semis tickets but still bought tickets for a round 1 match just to experience how it feels like to watch tennis in a stadium. This year i took no chances and even got up early to make sure to book tickets as soon as they became available online.

This is one tournament that i really wanted to watch since i have stayed here for about 18 years and followed tennis for about 10 years. The atmosphere will be electric when the semis and final will get underway because of the sheer presence of current greats battling it out for 1 trophy and a couple million cash prize with some points added to the rankings as well. So with real hope and some luck i wish that Federer this time defends his title which he won last year and has won 5 times in total. Its going to be a great experience to witness the major battles over the 2 days with the strong participation field that has been announced.


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