Life goes on…

Its been a hell of a ride for me. loads of ups and downs in the 2 decades i have lived on planet earth but well that is what life is about isn’t it. Everyone has their ups and downs in life. But there have been 2 phases in my life clearly differentiated by a metaphorical thick border between the 2 regions. In my early days i just did what any school kid would do, have fun and study and just make sure i kept marching on till 12th grade. That was the year where much changed for me since i left school and joined my university where the environment and the way people conducted themselves were much different.

They say one should enjoy his college years and i have tried my best to do that. 4 years into college and i look back and say the only reason i have survived college is because of my close friends who have stuck up for me and helped me through all the tough times i faced. These were the wavering points in my life where i found it hard to determine who was actually on my side and who wasn’t. My steps and decisions were being heavily judged and criticized and it was like i was stuck in no mans land. At some point of time i had even forgotten who i really was because i had changed in ways that would have harmed me if i still stuck with them. But my real friends showed up and brought me back to the path i should have been on in the first place.

I did my fair share of mistakes even though a couple of my friends tried to prevent it beforehand but alas i ended up just like them. I can take heart from it because one can only learn by experiencing the consequence and hopefully never make them again and that’s what exactly happened. I made the mistake and suffered for it and learned from it. 4 years on i am more settled with a gang that has my back whenever i am in any trouble and they are always there when i need them. I can also thank those people who take their time to make life difficult for me because if not for them i wouldn’t have been  a better stronger person and also more assured with my decision making and knowing where the right path is. 4th year in this college and i have already been through the best times and also through hell where i suffered mentally which also managed to affect my academics. With 1 year to go all i can wish and hope is that i enjoy as much as i can with my gang and for those people who think they can mess it up i can confidently say BRING IT ON.

In the end 3 words that i sum up life in : It goes on. 1 bad day or 1 bad part of life cannot stop a person from correcting the wrongs and get back on track and still enjoy life. I learned many lessons ever since i left school and i have gone past it and remembered who are my true friends and if i am to have a blast it will be with them.


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