I wonder what the world be without the incessant politics that keep happening around. Politicians in all countries are so corrupt that its not even surprising to see their actions anymore. Cash for votes and money laundering are just a couple of the many things our politicians do. They are supposed to have vision for the future of a country and should be using the budgets in a positive fashion to improve the country’s infrastructure and what not. But alas we all see the news and we all see whats the usual.

Well now that people are numb to it the politicians are also very relaxed because they know it will be a matter of time before people stop caring and wasting their energy. unfortunate though that it is us people who vote them into the power in the first place. But then again why not. They have their brilliant and undeniable promises that lure us into that false sense that they will perform and make lives better for us.

If there is anyway to make our lives living in a country easier especially our homeland its that we make the right votes and get the right people into the government. That will yield the results we expect from a country that is supposed to be developing. So the root is the people who vote and the bad result ultimately is because of who we voted for. 

In the end its politics and it cant be subdued. There will always be fight or power and peoples anger for better development but in the end the blame lies in the voters. So vote for the right people and thus the country will evolve into a better place to live.


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