There always comes a point in time where in your life you wonder where you heading from your current position if you continue the same path. You always wonder what if you change your way from here. Take another path forward by changing yourself a bit and changing the way you do things. That being said it is not an easy task and also can lead to disaster if not thought out properly. 

Everyone comes to the “crossroads” in their life at some point of time. This period is for one to analyse where he is heading with this same style and what analyse the alternatives that could lead to a better life ahead. This is the time where a decision has to be made from where there is no return. So a deep analysis has to be done as to what are the options and what are changes that need to be incorporated where so that it can possibly lead to a metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. Here i am thinking that i have reached the crossroad and wondering what i should do next. Behind me are the countless mistakes and failures and ahead is the potential road to help me not make them again and learn from them but then again can one transcend his sufferings and head to a new path. Time is also of essence since this decision has to be made without loss of precious time since time waits for no one. So i wonder is it time for me to incorporate a change and go down another path which leads me to a happier future if possible. For now i believe that every step that i have taken has seemed like a mistake in itself, there are the regrets of what i missed out in the past and that is difficult to shut out. Also worse is the fact that the days coming are not the best for me as my actions are not really helping my cause. Errors in judgment have arisen from the depths that they had been suppressed to in the past and each move i make seems to bring a problem in itself.

Anyways i guess its a test from god to see how well i manage to beat this obstacle that lies ahead. With my friends and family by my side hopefully i will be able to take control of my life more and those crossroads will disappear paving a way to the better times ahead.


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