A colourful day.

This week has started on a really good note *touchwood* and there is still 1 day to make it a perfect week. After 3 days of mostly work, today was the 1 day where there was a little fun in the air and why not, Its holi the festival of colours and everyone wanted to get their hands on someone to colour. 

At around the 10 am mark loads of students headed to the grounds outside to start colouring people by throwing coloured powder and some even brought water cannons to make the colour a wet paint. Although i missed that part due to classes ( yes i am in a indian university that dosent celebrate holi). Me and my company decided we will go outside college grounds and play with colours. But it started before that itself, my great classmate had colour in his pocket and started colouring me and the others in the lab itself. 

After the lab we all headed out and started throwing colours at each other and we had 1 water gun and 1 bottle which we made into a water gun. so we spent a hour colouring each other with deep dark colours which are pretty stubborn to come off. The clothes were pretty sacrificial since its difficult to get colours off. 

By the end of it all we all were looking like rainbows and fruit salads. The only option was to take a good bath. All in all it was fun considering this was my first holi that i ever played. Next year is another chance to top this experience with colours and hopefully more memorable day lies then.
Wishing everyone a happy holi.


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